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Abbey Hoffman is an alt-folk singer/songwriter. Raised in NYC, she has been performing around Lansing since 2012, in solo shows and as a (former) vocalist for The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle. Current member of apocalyptic doo-wop trio Super Secret Cult Band. 

I have always loved to sing, and, the summer before sixth grade, I realized I was good at it. Too timid to practice in front of others, I asked my dad to teach me guitar. I learned my first songs, and began practicing and writing in earnest at age 15. Years of involvement in my church worship team and high school gospel choir were essential, both in shaping my voice, and my ability to connect with others emotionally through music.


In college, I frequented a local karaoke bar on Friday nights, and church on Sunday mornings. I continued to write as a way to process my own grappling with faith, love, growth, and disappointment.


I marveled at how Alicia Keys could bend a note to make you feel her love and longing. Artists like Derek Webb inspired me to examine and question my faith, and to not be afraid of where my doubts would lead. Amanda Palmer could capture both elation and pain in the same song, and gave me the boldness to write about unresolved situations.


Lyrics and melodies are the driving force behind my song-writing. I do not limit myself to one genre or style, rather allow my influences to continue to make their way into my work, whether I am listening to Patsy Cline and Elvis, Arcade Fire and Brand New, or Rihanna and Beyonce.

If even one of my songs helps someone feel less alone on their journey through life, I have succeeded. 


-Abbey Hoffman

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